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Yum – A Menu Celebrating Jamaica’s January Sun Ripened Tomatoes

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You’ll find plenty of Jamaican sun-ripened January tomatoes in this week’s menus, not only are they sweet and delicious, but they’re good for you too as they burst with antioxidants.  We know many of our diners haven’t experienced the true flavour of  a naturally ripened tomato since back in October, when the last of the crop was harvested in the Northern Hemisphere, so we hope you’ll try one of the dishes that showcases one of nature’s little pleasures.

Here’s a recent review of Mille Fleurs  by Luca Gargano, one of the founders of the Slow Food Movement after a holiday in Port Antonio.

“After discovering Mille Fleurs Restaurant in Port Antonio I could not help myself but go there for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The main characteristic of the restaurant is its tireless sourcing of  fresh, organic and traditional food.  Excellent products are sourced and crafted into a culinary proposal for diners that changes every day, that reflects local cuisine and the roots of the hotel’s owners.

Breakfasts are unforgettable… indeed how can you forget the taste of  eggs and milk that are not produced by industrial farms.”

Mille Fleurs Restaurant –  fine dining in Port Antonio that supports the local community.

Availability & Booking

Dinner availability Friday 16th January, Saturday 17th January, Sunday 18th January, Monday 19th January, book your table by email or telephone +1 876-993-7267.

  • Starters
    • Cucumber and Avocado Soup with Tomato and Basil Salad
    • Sweet and Sour Shrimps in Grapefruit
    • Tuscan Bread Salad
    • Oven Roasted Red Snapper Fillets with Tomatoes and Onions
    • Charcoal-Smoked Pork Chop with Papaya Salsa
    • Thai Shrimp Curry with Chopped Lettuce and Basil-Lime Couscous
    • Vegetarian Thali with Paneer and Cauliflower Curries, Khandari Pulao and Mint Parathas
    • Risotto Stuffed Tomatoes au Gratin
    • Panacotta with Sorrel Sauce
    • Mango Crème Brûlée
    • Black and White Chocolate Mousse

  • Starters
    • Crayfish Bisque
    • Polenta Tartlets with Basil mayonnaise
    • Vegetable Pakoras
    • Pan Fried Snapper with Mango, Tomato, Red Onion and Scotch Bonnet Salsa
    • Bacon Wrapped Pork Fillet with Sweet Spicy Sauce
    • Tamarind Jerk Spiced Roasted Chicken
    • Ratatouille on Homemade Tagliatelle
    • Jamaican style Stew Peas
    • Passion Fruit Crème Brûlèe
    • Rum Parfait with Mango Sauce
    • Caramalised Pineapple with Homemade Ice-cream

  • Starters
    • Ginger Carrot Soup
    • Coconut Crusted Shrimp with Orange Chilli Sauce
    • Callaloo Stuffed Plantain with Tamarind Sauce
    • Honey and Jerk Marinated Short  Ribs
    • Tandoori  Fish with Tomato and Spinach Rice
    • Spicy Coconut Curried Crayfish  with Tomato and Spinach Rice
    • Herby Breadfruit Flour  Pancakes with Roasted Vegetables and Parmesan
    • Roasted Zucchini with Feta Cheese
    • Coffee Crème Brûlée
    • Chocolate Almond Cake with Orange Parfait
    • Crèpes Port Antonio

  • Starters
    • Roasted Garlic and Coconut Soup
    • Warm Potato, Tomato and Bean salad
    • Blue Cheese and Date Crostini
    • Homemade Spaghetti in Coconut  Saffron Sauce
    • Roasted Eggplant Lasagne
    • Lentil Burgers with Tomato Coriander Salsa
    • Fettuccinewith Mushroom & Blue Cheese Sauce
    • Chocolate Espresso Brownie
    • Cinnamon Pancakes with Compote
    • Baked Bananas with homemade Ice-cream

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