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Where are you Indulging Yourself this Christmas Time in Jamaica?

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Christmas Indulgence at Mille Fleurs Restaurant

If you are looking to experience the most beautiful, locally-sourced Jamaican food available this Christmas and New Year holiday period on the island, we would recommend sampling Port Antonio’s Mille Fleurs restaurant’s wholly organic, delicious and inspired à la carte lunch & dinner menus. Not only has the restaurant received rave reviews from the international media including The Guardian, but it was voted “Best Kept Secret” by the Jamaican Observer 2009.

Prices including local taxes start at:

First Course:  US$ 8.70-17.50

Main Course US$ 23.50-45

Dessert US$ 8.70-10.90

Here are the menus over the week ahead, to help plan when you would like to visit for the ultimate Christmas or New Year indulgence that is guilt free! For a reservation please call 993 7267 or 993 7134.

24 December 2009
Coconut Lime and Crayfish Soup
Pumpkin Soup
Crab Avocado & Sweet Red Pepper Chips layered with Parmesan Chips
Mozzarella and Coriander Bruschetta with a Light Tomato Salad
*~~~~~~~~~~~ * ~~~~~~~~~~ *
Jamaican Style Roast Fish
Grilled Steak with Pimento Chimicurri
Sesame Honey Glazed Chicken Breast on Peppered Grilled Pineapple
Jerk Spiced Shrimp Ravioli on Callaloo Bed
Curry Hummus with Grilled Vegetables & Bammy Crisps
Stir Fried Pimento & Rum Tofu
* ~~~~~~~~~~~* ~~~~~~~~~~ *
Mille Fleurs Christmas Cake with Rum Butter
Orange Sorbet
Chocolate Peanut Delight
Passion Fruit Cheese Cake
Cheese Plate
25 December 2009
Pumpkin Lobster Bisque
Miso Soup
Brochette of Marlin with Sweet, Pepper, Pineapple & Curry Glaze
Mushroom & Cashew Nut Wontons on Red Bell Pepper Sauce
Flambé of Chicken Liver on Peppered Guava with Red Wine Essence
Goat Cheese Balls coated in Almonds with Tamarind Chutney on Salad
* ~~~~~~~~~~ * ~~~~~~~~~~ *
Lobster Stuffed Beef Tenderloin with Rum Sauce
Boneless Chicken with Roasted Jackfruit Seed Stuffing
Date and Pimento Crusted Mahi Mahi
Crayfish with Herb Butter Sauce
Herb Pancake with Ratatouille and Feta Cheese
Pumpkin Gnocchi with Callaloo in Coconut Sauce
Cauliflower and Potato Curry
* ~~~~~~~~~~ * ~~~~~~~~~~ *
Mille Fleurs Christmas Pudding
Toasted Caramel Ice Cream
Coconut Custard on Tropical Fruit Salad
Cheese Plate
26 December 2009
Gungo Pea Soup
Grilled Shrimp and Black Bean Salad with Papaya
Lamb Chops with Tomato Mint
Twice Baked Goat Cheese tartlet
* ~~~~~~~~~~ * ~~~~~~~~~~ *
Coconut Coriander Fish in Banana Leaf
Shrimp in Sherry Butter
Jamaican Chocolate and Spice Slow Roasted Pork with Onions
Sorrel Marinated Grilled Chicken with Sorrel Sauce
Cassava Crepe with Wild Callaloo in Coconut Sauce
Broccoli and Coconut Curry, Parathas & Spicy Fruit & Vegetable Salad
* ~~~~~~~~~~ * ~~~~~~~~~~ *
Mille Fleurs Christmas Cake with Rum Butter
Caramalized Pineapple
Caramel Chocolate Pecan Cheesecake
Cheese Plate
31 December 2009
Curried Potato Soup with Sauté Lobster
Ceviche Snapper Rolls Filled with Smoked Marlin Mousse
Asian Spring Rolls
Chicken Liver Mousse or Sorrel Reduction
* ~~~~~~~~~~ * ~~~~~~~~~~ *
Duet of Lamb
Mille Fleurs Lobster Variation
Spice-Rubbed Chicken Breast with Sweet Hot Papaya Relish
Rum Poached Eggs on Pak Choy with Mustard Jerk Sauce
Kadala Curry with Callaloo and Potatoes
* ~~~~~~~~~~ * ~~~~~~~~~~ *
Flambéed Mille Fleurs Christmas Pudding with Rum Butter Tiramisu
Mille Feuilles Pancake with Chocolate Mousse and Caramel Sauce
Cheese plate

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