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Port Antonio is stunning in the spring; enjoy balmy weather and a huge variety of tropical fruits and flowers all in season. Winter is the best time for a tropical destination wedding for couples eager to escape the cold, grey and dark if you’re flying down from the North. What better way to welcome in the New Year than sharing a toast at your wedding reception! Consider dates like Valentines, New Years Eve, Easter, Halloween or Thanksgiving as the date for your special day throughout our most popular Wedding Months, November-December.

Your Expected Number of Guests:

Site for Your Ceremony:
On the perchIn the gardensOn the beach

Either on the perch with panoramic views, in the gardens or on the beach (a location fee, based on number of persons applies for the beach). The perch is for a very intimate wedding just for the couple.

Requested Wedding Time:
MorningAfternoonLate afternoonEvening

We recommend late afternoon for the ceremony, when our hot Jamaican weather is cooling down nicely and which allows you to relax during the day – either at the beach or being pampered at our wellbeing garden or rafting while we take care of everything. The recommended time of day will however depend on the time of year you’re planning your day for.

The time of day can be important in setting the tone of your wedding and establishing a budget. A morning wedding with lunch would be somewhat lower in cost than evening, dinner with or without dance. Breakfast is traditionally less expensive than lunch, which is also less expensive than dinner. An earlier time of day therefore reduces cost of food and entertainment. A breakfast makes for a fresh, festive reception following a morning wedding served either at table or buffet style and afterwards perhaps all your guests can enjoy a unique experience together such as rafting down the river.

Styling ideas and preferred colour scheme:

We use locally available tropical flowers with either Gingers, Heliconias, Anthuriums or Orchids. Given our location, think lots of fresh fruits, coconuts, exotic flowers, seashells, twinkle lights or candles. Generally formal affairs are more costly than those that are relaxed. In summer perhaps bamboo fans to keep everyone cool?

Some ideas to help you give your wedding a more personal touch:

  • Have the groom meet you half way down the path to the wedding site
  • Rather than having your back to the guests, change places with the officiant and face your guests.
  • At an intimate ceremony, have guests join you or have them join hands encircling you
  • Write your own vows or poem or read a favourite one or have quotations from a favourite source read out by the officiant. We can even share some suggestions with you.
  • Enhance your ceremony with meaningful additions such as the candle ceremony by having a lit candle on both groom and bride’s side and and a single unlit candle in the center. After being pronounced man and wife, each can take their respective candle to light the Unity Candle . Depending on budget each guest can have a candle to light during an evening ceremony or a flower ( orchid/anthurium etc.)
  • Creative alternatives to throwing rice – flower petals or add some fun by blowing bubbles!



It’s always best to have your reception immediately following the ceremony. Calculate about 45 minutes for the wedding and then perhaps half an hour for some photographs to be taken.

Reception Style:

Informal, semi-formal, very formal. Brunch or Cocktail with Hors d’oeuvres. Lunch or Dinner?

Reception Site:
RestaurantIn the gardensAt the bar

Will depend on number of persons and what type of celebration you would like. A sit-down dinner will require more space than a breakfast buffet or a cocktail reception hour. Outside in the garden is very popular as it saves a lot on decorating costs because nature provides the backdrop and lends itself for an easy, relaxed elegance with lots of fresh flowers. Candles, paper lanterns, balloons and streamers provides an easy, informal accents in the splendor of the tropical gardens.

Beverages and eats to be served at the reception:

These will depend on your style but aside from the classic Champagne or sparkling wine, think of tropical Punches and cocktails. How many drinks per person do you plan? Generally 2-3 beverages are calculated per person.

Do you want to pre-determine a drink or offer a choice – perhaps an alcoholic and non-alcoholic option or offer an open choice with Wines, beers as well?

Eats: either cake or a selection of hors d’oevurves or perhaps a buffet with salads, pasta dishes etc.?


Type: Sit down mealBuffet
# of courses:

  • Let us know if you would prefer a menu served at table or a buffet ( min. 20 persons)
  • You can also consider a combination with the soup or starter being served at table, then having a buffet selection for the main course and then having dessert served again at table.
  • For a menu please indicate how many courses you would like.
  • We offer creative Caribbean cuisine but can also offer a traditional Jamaican menu. Please indicate your preference and budget is so that we can send you appropriate menu suggestions.
  • Do let us know if there are particular items that you prefer or do not like. Shrimp, lobster, beef or lamb are more expensive than chicken or pasta. Accordingly we can tailor the menu to meet your budget.
  • Are you planning on serving another dessert in addition to the wedding cake? If so, plan on having smaller portions of cake served and perhaps the cake can be served later with coffee after the toasts?


We’re happy to recommend wines once you have selected your menu. Please let us know if you would like each course to be accompanied by a different wine or just offer a selection of one red or one white? If so, generally the ratio of white wine to red is 2: 1

Generally allow for approx. 5 glasses per bottle of wine and reckon with 2-3 glasses of wine per person.

Would you like a non-alcoholic beverage options to be served?
Would you like a champagne or sparkling wine to be served for the toast?

Seating arrangements for the Meal:

Separate tablesOne long table
Once we have established the most important aspects of your wedding, we can then discuss other details such as table settings and decorations, music, favours etc.


Recorded music or a DJ are the least expensive option. You can get continuous music for much less money than a band. If you want live music we can arrange either a traditional Mento Band or a single performer playing on an electric piano and singing himself or a 2 or 3 man band.

Room Reservations:
Check in date:

Check out date:

Number of rooms required:


Please remember that we have a minimum 3 night stay and that the bridal couple should be in the hotel 48 hours before the wedding to allow ample opportunity to finalise the plans.

If you reserve a group of rooms you and your guests will benefit from a reduced group rate even though guests might be responsible for their own travel and lodging arrangements. Everyone will appreciate the savings.

If you would like to have the hotel exclusively for yourselves, it is important that we first confirm the rooms so that we can close the hotel to ensure that no other reservations can be made either online through various booking agencies or tour operators.

Travel arrangements:
From Kingston:
From Montego Bay:
We can also arrange group transfers if your friends and family come together on the same flight. Please indicate for how many persons the group transfer will be required in case some guests are arriving on their own.

Consider charging the bulk of your travel and accommodation and wedding expenses to on a credit card that earns you frequent flyer miles. Not only will you get the extra consumer protection offered by your credit card company but you be accumulating miles that will help pay for your trip.

Combining your honeymoon with your wedding is a great idea so that you don’t have to bother with further travel plans. Just stay on after the other guests leave and kick back and enjoy some uninterrupted time alone resting and rejuvenating. Remember you can also “register” for your honeymoon trip. You can set up a honeymoon registry that will allow wedding guests to contribute to your honeymoon.

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