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Visiting Jamaica Senza the Hassle as a Solo Female Traveller

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Pineapple Lady

As a female owned hotel our 3 tip guide to making the most of visiting Jamaica as an independent woman and solo traveler should stand you in good stead to ensure you have a wonderful holiday in Jamaica.

Book Ahead & Arrange Airport transfers with a Reputable and Reliable Company


Rather than hiring a taxi with an unknown driver and worrying that you are going off track, book through  a company like Hotel Mocking Bird have used for years who also give the flexibility of female drivers.


Book with a Hotel who Gives you a Phone to Use


Rather than have the worry of  hustling about to buying a compatible SIM card stay with a hotel, or having your phone stolen and being without it whilst your insurance company pays out, stay with a hotel who offers you the use of one of their mobile phones, you simply pay them for credit.

Book with a ‘Tour Family’ rather than Tour Guide

No community in Jamaica is a singular entity, our neighbours are important links to our own livelihoods and it is important that each is treated well.  Many of Jamaica’s smaller communities do not have a marketing budget and rely on individuals who have visited and have enjoyed themselves to promote them via word of mouth.


For that reason make sure you book any tours with a local provider who has interests in the community you are exploring.  This way  even in tough economic times you will not be over-charged, have to haggle, face aggressive sellers,  be offered ‘a smoke’ or a  Jamaican man unless you of course ask for one and know that your valuable possessions like jewelry, hand luggage, credit cards  can be taken care of whilst you enjoy the moment.


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  1. Rosi Barry December 17, 2013 at 4:07 pm

    3 great tips – and one more. Never, never leave your common sense at home – no place is paradise on earth even if it looks like it. Do not do things on holiday anywhere, that you would not do at home.