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Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Jamaican Boutique Hotel

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One of the best things about Jamaica’s independent  boutique hotels is that they really break out of the impersonal hotel cookie cutter model.  Instead they reveal the character and culture of a small Caribbean island that is famous worldwide.

Rates include daily thank you gifts that in turn support local community projects, flexibility and fitting in with guest hours allows for early morning coffee and an afternoon tea service.

These independent hotels often provide memorable bonus features included in the rate, a yoga/meditation deck, free use of yoga mats, aromatherapy oils to take home and a private spa.

Top 5 Reasons to Stay at an Independent Hotel in Jamaica
Intimate & Personal

Jamaica’s boutique hotels tend to be smaller, although their rooms and gardens are generally larger than their chain hotel cousins.  Because there are less guests, their highly-trained staff have more time to offer a 1-2-1 quality, personal service without being intrusive.

Superb Location

Jamaica’s independent boutique hotels are located in the most scenic parts of the island which means you can expect great views, and their secluded setting offers privacy, but always with easy access to the local village, town and amenities.

Great Interior Design

Many Jamaican boutique hotels use existing buildings to recreate their experience which means they are personable, tasteful and in keeping with their Caribbean island surroundings.  Their interior design generally reflects the history and character of their environment whether hippy chic, antique or sleek and modern, most using original artwork by acclaimed local artists.

Great Value

Because most of Jamaica’s boutique hotels are family and friend owned they are able to offer competitive prices across the board rather than heavily discounted deals with monies made up in the bar.  Recommendations are based on personal experience rather than reciting tripadvisor and invaluable particularly and through their regular work with specialist local guides and cooks rather than large island-wide tour companies they are able to ensure quality.

Culinary Highpoint

Most boutique hotel owners are self-confessed foodies and pride themselves on their love of good food.  Their restaurants and kitchens  in Jamaica excel at providing delicious fusion cuisine paired with superb wines and are a world away from the buffet and standard hotel far of the hotel chains.  An example of this is our own restaurant that has just been listed by The National Geographic in their guide, #BestTrips2015.  Expect the best starlit cocktails using fantastic local liqueurs and the best of Jamaica’s quality rums.

Community Sustainability

Jamaica’s boutique hotels nestle within the local community.  This means for many food that is used in their restaurants is grown locally rather than cheaper large bulk imports that are high on food miles.  This guarantees that local farmers, fishermen can benefit from tourism in Jamaica as much as those who directly that work within it.  Arts and crafts and food room gifts are produced locally ensuring that local women too can benefit from tourism within Jamaica.


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