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Top 10 Things to Eat for Foodies in Jamaica

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Belinda an the Rio Grande

Here’s the Top 10 local dishes to try when you’re on holiday in Jamaica, to help you discover just why Jamaican cuisine is tipped to be ‘the next thing’.

It is written by by our Chef Barbara Walker, who lists her favourite things to eat in Jamaica when she is not in the Mille Fleurs kitchen with her team.  It’s her dedication over the last 21 years’ that has steered the kitchen and made Mile Fleurs’ Trip Advisor’s #1 restaurant in Port Antonio.

The dishes are a  world away from the food at your hotel and the fine dining restaurants.  Here at Mille Fleurs we don’t try and reinvent the wheel that our neighbours and friends cook so deliciously, rather you’ll find Jamaican fusion cooking, carefully sourced to cut down on food miles and ensure all members of our community enjoy the benefits of Jamaica’s tourism.

 Top 10 Must Try Local Jamaican Dishes
  1. Belinda's Riverside LunchAckee & Saltfish with Bammy
  2. Patties
  3. Gizadas  ( coconut pastries)
  4. Pumpkin Soup with Crayfish or River shrimps (Busso)
  5. Jerk accompanied with Festival, roasted Breadfruit and Avocados (chicken is the most traditional but there is also jerked pork and fish that are worth trying)
  6. Oxtail Stew
  7. Gungo Pea Soup
  8. Crayfish – especially curried in a rich creamy coconut sauce
  9. Jamaican style Steamed Fish with Boiled corn on the cob
  10. Gungo Pea and Rice  ( while everyone knows the Rice and peas with the Kidney beans – the Gungo Peas give the dish a special flavor)

Make sure you try fried plantain as an accompaniment, entree or if at Mille Fleurs served in our new luxury breakfast porridge  with coconut and cinnamon.  Do try drinking Sorrel if you are here in winter and Soursop Juice. Coconut Jelly Water will keep you cool and for something entirely different try drinking Sweet Sop known as Cherimoya in other parts of the world.





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  1. Carolyn Blain February 15, 2015 at 6:32 am

    Looking at what you cook Barbara, I’d happily eat vegetarian. Mind you, it all looks wonderful! Carolyn xxx