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Tips for Flying to Jamaica, Care of Ian Fleming

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Time to Jerk

Wanting to explore and savor the sights, sounds and tastes of Jamaica, but need some tips about flying here.  We’ve got a new couple of new tips to share for those thinking about booking a flight to Jamaica over the winter.

Jamaica’s 3rd Airport Opening
Do make sure you check if your airline is able to land at the new Ian Fleming Airport, just outside Ochos Rios which will be opening the second week of January 2011.  Jamaica’s new and third airport is just 1.5 hours away by car from Hotel Mockingbird Hill which cuts down on transit time and increases holiday time and although it is catering primarily for private jets, some airlines are flying there.

Cutting Down on UK Departure Tax When Flying to the Caribbean
The UK’s new departure air tax bands are calculated on the  distance from London to the destination’s capital city, passengers travelling to Hawaii currently pay less duty than those flying to Jamaica from London.

How to Avoid the Tax & Have a 2-Centre Holiday.

You may want to consider that if you are flying to Jamaica to first fly to the US, break the journey and perhaps enjoy a few days in New York for example and then fly onto Jamaica.  Travellers who fly via continental European hubs (Edinburgh-Amsterdam-Kingston, for example) rather than direct from, or transiting through, UK airports do not pay the increased APD (£12 instead of £85) as long as they book separate flights.


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