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Time to Make Jamaican Coffee & Rum Cake with your Coffee Gift

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Jamaican Coffee & Rum Cake

Have you ever wished that you could savour a holiday and recreate that relaxed feeling in the morning when everything tastes better, even it seems the coffee.  A holiday in Jamaica with Mocking Bird Hill guarantees that your coffee will always taste better, as we only stock locally sourced Blue Mountain coffee, the most expensive coffee in the world, direct from the Old Tavern Coffee Estate.

“The quintessential balanced, classic Caribbean cup. Richly low-toned acidity with suggestions of wine and spice; medium bodied but resonant and deeply dimensioned. Complex without distraction.” – Kenneth Davids, The Coffee Review

To help all our guests ease back into the real world we are gifting a Blue Mountain Coffee bag which should last a week .  Hopefully it will stir you up in the morning.  If you really want to recapture the Hotel Mockingbird Hill experience then here’s our legendary coffee cake recipe for you to recreate at home


4 tbsp Raisins and chopped dry fruits
4 cl Golden Rum
5 tbsp strong espresso style coffee
180g Butter
180g Sugar
3 eggs
110g Flour
¼ litre Strong coffee
2 tbsp. Rum
1 tbsp Sugar
¼ l Cream
Vanilla Hundreds and Thousands
1 tbsp Chocolate grated


Soak raisins and dried fruit in rum.  Cream sugar and butter.   Add eggs, flour and coffee.   Add soaked dried fruit and raisins.

Pour the mixture into a greased tin and baked in a preheated oven. 150 C – for approx. 45-50 minutes until inserted skewer comes out clean

Stir in sugar and rum to the coffee.

Cool cake on a wire tray. Prick cake generously all over. Gradually pour coffee/rum mixture by the spoon full. Let it soak in overnight at room temperature

Beat cream stiff.  Serve with cream sprinkled with grated chocolate.


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