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The Simple Ways to Ensure Bio-diversity

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Bio-Diversity Counts

June has arrived, and today at Hotel Mockingbird Hill in Jamaica’s lush undiscovered North East of the island we’re celebrating being half way through the UN’s official year of bio-diversity!

Diversity in all living things enriches our lives but, more importantly, biodiversity is essential to life on earth. It maintains a functional environment; it is a resource for food, shelter, clothing and other materials. Each country’s economy relies on biodiversity since it provides renewable economic resources and utilisable ecosystems alongside numerous medical and scientific benefits, as well as preserving priceless cultural & aesthetic values.

Enhance the Quality of Soil, Water & Air
One simple way we can all promote this special year is by learning as much as we can about nature and sharing that knowledge with others. This is why we will begin posting some simple information on our website to help raise an understanding of the issues both locally & internationally.

Habitat Stewardship

Increasing our knowledge of environmental issues and providing awareness of the impacts of biodiversity loss ensures ensure that we can all participate in biodiversity conservation and habitat stewardship (maintaining & encouraging our immediate environments).  From supporting UN to actively aiding local government policies and initiatives that conserve our valuable ecosystems we can help preserve natural lands as well as actively working with local or national agencies to monitor and conserve wildlife species and their habitat. 

In the next coming weeks we will be providing a weekly tip on habitat stewardship, whether it’s what you use to clean your sinks to what you plant in the garden, keep checking back to find out more about what you can do.


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