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The Raw Delight of Veg

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With the arrival of summer came not just the welcome new addition of ‘raw’ pleasure to our Mille Fleurs menu but also the expansion of our vegetable garden.

Reap What you Sow

Such a phrase abounds or at least occurs in most world religions in some form or another; in 2010 we’re applying it strictly to our newly expanded organic vegetable garden.  When it seems prices are shooting up all around us, our means of ensuring that our prices don’t creep up for our guests is getting stuck into what is actually one of our favourite hobbies – gardening.  So far this season we have planted cucumber, squash, pumpkin & courgettes, tomatoes, radicchio & rocket, broccoli, green beans & carrots, and on the herb front coriander, sage, parsley, basil & rosemary. Not only will you be able to taste the difference but be safe in the knowledge that vitamin rich home-grown veggies aren’t costing either the earth or your holiday budget!

Going Raw

The Raw MenuSummer in Jamaica is hot & humid, this is part of why things grow so well here and nothing shrivels up.  However sometimes that summer sun can bring with it a wish for dishes using tasty ingredients that don’t strip your energy whilst trying to digest them, and which are lower in sodium and high in potassium, magnesium.  It is vital that you stock up on these 2 minerals as these are lost via perspiration so do sample our zingy Raw Menu that’s already been so well received:

* Spicy Watermelon Soup
* Two Potato and Beetroot Pate on Green Goddess Sauce
* Fruit Salad


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