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The Most Green Hotel in Jamaica

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Port Antonio is the most dramatically beautiful part of Jamaica. The soaring Blue Mountains descend to white sand beaches on tranquil bays, gin clear water shimmers in the tropical sun. There are blue lagoons, hidden waterfalls and flowing rivers. Lush tropical vegetation covers the hills and provides a home to exotic birds. This unspoiled Eden is tucked away in a quiet, peaceful corner of the island away from the bustle of the main tourist centers.

This awe inspiring beauty attracts visitors with a love of nature and no hotel respects the environment more than the Eco-chic Hotel Mockingbird Hill, Jamaica’s most Green hotel. Winner of over 21 international awards recognizing its contribution to sustainable tourism, their commitment to sustainability permeates everything that they do. Renewable energy, water which comes entirely from water catchment, no plastic containers and serious recycling are just the beginning, food is locally sourced and organic and they also count food miles. Even experiences are planned to have minimum impact on the environment and a carbon offsetting program is offered.

This dedication to sustainability and being a friend to Port Antonio’s impressive environment sets Hotel Mockingbird Hill apart. This is the place where people who revel in nature will want to be.

Perched on a hill with commanding vistas of the Port Antonio coastline and nestled in over 7 acres of continuously blooming gardens, Hotel Mockingbird Hill exudes an elegant Caribbean vibe with airy rooms and plantation shutter doors opening to mesmerizing views. Antique white wicker furniture channels the classic look of Port Antonio’s heyday while bamboo furniture in the rooms reduce deforestation. There is also sustainability in the details with locally produced organic toiletries, locally recycled room stationery, thermoses that guests can refill with filtered water at any time and even a system that gives guests the option to reuse their napkins at the restaurant to avoid unnecessary laundering.

Their restaurant, Mille Fleurs, is not only the most highly regarded restaurant in Port Antonio but also one of the top restaurants in all of Jamaica. It combines Jamaican and international flavors to create a unique Slow Food cuisine, using extremely fresh locally sourced organic ingredients and highlighting seasonal offerings.

Within this cocoon of tranquility guests relax and restore becoming attuned to the rhythms of nature, the Slow Life. With the hotel’s expert guidance, guests can go out and explore the natural wonders of Port Antonio with an insider’s perspective. The ultimate Green experience.


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