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The Hotel Mockingbird Hill Story

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Hotel in the EveningHotel Mockingbird Hill was founded by innkeepers and close friends, Barbara Walker and Shireen Aga. In 1992, the two bought Mocking Bird Hill, then a private 4-bedroom home, which they developed into Hotel Mockingbird Hill – Jamaica’s greenest eco-boutique hotel. From the beginning, their goal was to prove that small businesses could operate sustainably.

Shireen & Barbara taking a break at Winifred Beach

Barbara and Shireen take a holistic view of their business, which is guided by established principles of sustainability. These principles are incorporated into the hotel’s operations, from the room amenities, to the solar panels used to power water heating. With the concept of “guiltless indulgence,” they aim to provide comport in a responsible and sustainable manner. Everything at the hotel is planned with nature and the local community in mind. As a team, they have proven that a business as small and niche as theirs can achieve international recognition and provide a leadership role in the community.

Their awareness and passion for the environment started in Germany where they observed that tourism could have a negative impact or a positive force. In fact, Shireen was one of the first students to study environmental friendly tourism. After their experience in Germany, they felt the need to do more to seek change. They are so passionate about their beliefs and want to share every fact, piece of information, and resolution with the world. They believe that if everyone were a little more mindful of their actions, that significant positive changes would help fight the economic and ecological challenges that we face today.

After your stay at Hotel Mockingbird Hill, it is our hope you leave here a little more enlightened and encouraged to implement changes in your everyday life.


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