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The Defining Details at Hotel Mockingbird Hill

/ Food & Drink, In the Garden

Hotel Mockingbird Hill’s setting alone would inspire most travelers. Perched on a hill with sweeping views of the dramatic Port Antonio coastline, the hotel is embedded within six acres of constantly blooming tropical gardens inhabited by rare exotic birds. The hotel exudes an authentic Caribbean charm with open verandas, louvered white shutters and an intimate pool enveloped in the tropical landscape.

What sets Hotel Mockingbird Hill apart are the details. The airy rooms open to views of the sea or gardens. Bamboo and wicker furniture, mosquito netting, tropical flowers, hammocks and original local art, this is not only romantic but decidedly Caribbean, conveying an incredible sense of place.

Paths criss cross the lush gardens and bird watching is possible without leaving the property. A wellness area is a sequestered cocoon of tranquility where the rustle of leaves and the soft chirps of birds are the only things to break the silence. A place to re-align and restore through yoga or meditation. Also in the gardens is a spa pavilion where the relaxing massages are enhanced by the surrounding flowering plants and their fragrances.

The Mille Fleurs restaurant celebrates not only some of the best food in Jamaica but its open veranda setting also celebrates the the impressive coastline views and dazzling sunsets. The lantern lit dining room becomes even more romantic after sundown with the sounds of nature in the distance and the occasional firefly blinking by. The food is internationally recognized for its blend of Jamaican and international flavors. It is Slow Food made from locally sourced organic ingredients and highlighting the freshest seasonal offerings. Home baked breads, pasta, ice-cream, dressings are all made from scratch. The breads alone show their impressive variety; for breakfast there is banana, coconut, whole wheat and sunflower seed bread plus assorted muffins and scones. For dinner there is a changing selection of olive, dried tomato and herb bread, focaccia with red onions, tomatoes and rosemary, herb scones, peanut scones, spoon bread with sour cream and cheese plus jalapeño corn muffins. This level of variety extends through their entire inspired menu. This is leisurely sophisticated dining that makes for memorable moments.

Sustainability touches every element of the Hotel Mockingbird Hill experience. Recognized as the most green hotel in Jamaica, they don’t stop with renewable energy, water catchment, recycling and the avoidance of plastics. Spa products are organic, hotel stationery is recycled and locally made, oil lanterns in the restaurant are from recycled bottles, thermos flasks are provided which guests can refill with filtered water at anytime, food ingredients count food miles to reduce carbon emissions and sea breezes and fans replace air conditioners. All this without any compromise in the guest experience. The food is spectacular, the lantern lighting romantic, the organic and recycled products gratifying.

The hallmark of Hotel Mockingbird Hill’s attention to detail is the warm and friendly staff who anticipate the guest’s wishes and who shape a holiday experience for them that is uniquely theirs. The staff strives to learn the guest’s interests and desires and make their stay at Hotel Mockingbird Hill highly personalized. They also offer a free travel app that gives recommendations on things to do and advice on pre-trip travel planning, providing personalized assistance before the guests even arrive.

This is a place to slow-down, to reflect. A place to take the time to savor the details. A place to appreciate the spirit of Port Antonio, a place to appreciate one’s self.


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