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Mille Fleurs RestaurantIs our future and the future of the Earth not worth investing in? Do we just care about the cheapest deal available today without a thought for tomorrow, and at the cost of future generations to come? When it comes to cost and sustainability, there is more to be considered when getting what you pay for.

At Hotel Mockingbird Hill, we are willing to pay more for organic produce because mass produced foods are generally treated with chemicals that can affect our health. We are willing to pay more for cosmetics made from natural ingredients and those that have not been tested on animals. By purchasing locally, we are actively supporting the local and surrounding communities. We make an effort to purchase items where fair trade practices are observed.

What we strive for at Hotel Mockingbird Hill is awareness. Specifically, awareness on a grand scale, or rather awareness on a small scale with grand results. If everyone knew the extent of how their purchasing decisions made a difference, the impact would be significant! From the food you order at a restaurant, to your choice of accommodation and activities while on vacation, every decision has an impact. From production, to delivery of products and services, just remember that your decisions affect the individuals involved, as well as communities worldwide.

Now more than ever before, it is important that we make decisions that take into consideration the well-being of future generations. We believe that sustainability means making choices and taking actions that improve the current and future living conditions of our communities, in addition to protecting and preserving future resources. This involves investing in a number of initiatives, such as sustainable energy to reduce our carbon footprint. We want to inform the public about the interconnections between communities and how, together, we can alleviate poverty through fair trade and making sustainable choices.

Hotel Mockingbird Hill is committed to making a positive contribution and commitment to social sustainability. In return, our guests enjoy quality service and a memorable, authentic experience. When cost is a factor in your eco-friendly travels, keep these considerations in mind. Remember that investing in the earth today will help future generations to flourish!


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