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Stush in the Bush – Delectable Jamaican Farm to Table Eating

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Just over a 30-minute drive from St. Ann’s Bay where Columbus first landed in 1494 is Stush in the Bush, a delectable place to eat incredible vegetarian food in Jamaica that illustrates a superb success story of Jamaica’s farmers and rural communities that has attracted the likes of The Huffington Post.

Stush – Patois for Superior or Fancy

Jamaica’s St Ann parish is famous for its gentle rolling hills that are almost reminiscent of part of southern England.  A few hundred metres above sea level makes all the difference to growing conditions in the tropics and it is the freshness in these hills that makes them the perfect growing environment for delicate salads, greens and even raspberries and blackberries.  ‘Stush in the Bush’ is  set in these hills on Lisa and Chris Binn’s certified organic, multi-award winning 15 acre ‘Zionites’ farm, which has stunning views down to the coast as well across the valley which is peppered with private and small farm communities.  A winning combination of Rastafari Ital farming, exotic vegetables and a love of fine dining has been rolled into a sustainable business that illustrates how organic, local, and farm-to-table fare is a growing movement in developing nations and a way of life for those looking for a sustainable lifestyle.

Low Impact Agriculture

Lisa looks more model than farmer and she guides her visitors around the farm, elegantly explaining the principles of their low impact agriculture.  It is a farm in harmony with the land where beds are moulded along its contours and variety is the key to their crops as well as the principle of Up and Down Ground Cover farming.  This allows edible flowers like nasturtiums and sunflowers to grow alongside salad greens, beetroots and beans and keeps the soil in place without erosion.  Expect lots of tastings whilst out and about with vegetables that zing and truly burst with flavor.

Hives will be set up once Lisa finishes her training sessions on bee management so Stush in the Bush will soon be able to offer rich honey to complement their other products which we are looking forward to stocking at Mockingbird Hill.


0 Food Miles – Farm to Table Dining

Guests are invited to plant, reap and pick their own greens which in turn are then used for the farm to table lunch in a choice of 2 beautiful shady settings.  Dishes are seasonal and ingredients are tweaked to make the most of their particular flavours when they are picked ripe on the day, this means large batches are not made even of their delicious tomato marmalade and coriander chili sauce.  Salad takes on a wonderful new meaning with their passion fruit vinaigrette, have a look at their sample menu.

Taste the Love

Our visit here was a lovely learning experience filled with new discoveries. We came home with a few tips for our own kitchen garden and are now making a conscience effort to follow the principle of Up and Down and Ground Cover and recommend anyone a visit to Stush in the Bush to sample an incredible culinary experience in fresh and diverse vegetarian food.


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