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Spectacular – 22 Endemics & 15 Warblers 60 Birds Species

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Adrienne & BobHow many single gardens can boast sightings of 22 endemics, 15 warblers & 60 birds species within 5 days!

We recently had a birding couple, Adrienne & Robert Lockett, come to enjoy the luxury of an autumn birding break with us, whilst they are stationed with the Peace Corp in Jamaica, and they delightedly spotted all of these.  Now some of those were no doubt temporarily resting in Jamaica after being blown off their usual migratory path by the Tropical Storm Nicole, but what a rich and diverse birdlife our bio-gardens attract!

Some of their favourites were: Blackpoll Warbler | Baltimore Oriole | Tennessee Warbler | Swainson’s Thrush | Red-eyed Vireo | Chestnut-sided Warble | Rose-breasted Grosbeak | Summer Tanager | Arrowhead Warbler| Yellow-throated Warbler | Black-throated Green Warbler |  Worm-eating Warbler | Cape May Warbler | Prairie Warbler | Northern Parula Warbler | Black-and-white Warbler |  Black-throated Blue Warbler |  Palm warbler | Redstart Warbler

We recently spent 5 enjoyable days at Hotel Mockingbird Hill. In addition to lovely and comfortable accommodation, fine food and warm hospitality, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the grounds of the hotel, including the extensive and beautiful gardens, provided exceptional birding.  We found 22 endemics, 15 species of warblers, and more than 60 bird species overall without leaving the property.
!”  Bob Lockett, Portland, Oregon


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