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Getting married at Hotel Mockingbird Hill

Planning a green wedding is difficult enough in today’s economic climate when tying the knot can feel like you are applying more of a financial choker! Additional worries that your travel agency et al might not even still be financially viable when the special day arrives is but one more element of stress you could certainly do without. As more & more companies in this sector go to the wall how can you plan that perfect eco-wedding and ensure that your passionate hopes for a green, luxurious and glorious occasion with oh so lovely finishing touches will even come to fruition, let alone happen within budget?

Hotel Mocking BirdHill in Port Antonio, Jamaica, is the Caribbean’s No.1 Eco boutique hotel. They offer not just a romantic setting, where the Blue Mountains meet Jamaica’s North East lush coast, but guiltless indulgence, allowing you to get married safe in the knowledge that your tailored wedding is as organic & green as you wanted even down to floral arrangements; pesticide-free fresh tropical flowers, handpicked from the hotel’s gardens which is listed as one of the top bird-watching venues in Jamaica by ‘Birds of the West Indies’.  Most importantly, due to Mocking Bird Hill’s scalability and integration with the local infrastructure those organising your big day are guaranteed to be in operation next year and for many many years to come.

Hotel Mockingbird Hill believes in sustainable tourism where all members of the community benefit from your special day in Jamaica, resulting in a customised and unique wedding for you that comes with no hidden environmental costs. Many large chain hotels import mass-produced cheaper ingredients that need to balance their net profit forecast; this not only increases food miles but has no added benefit for the local community beyond those they employ.  At Hotel Mockingbird Hill, our bottom line is raised a little higher in not just the requirement of gourmet organic tastiness from our ingredients that are sourced locally wherever possible, but long-term sustainability for all.

The Perch

Exclusive to Hotel Mockingbird Hill is not just the bottle of fizzy loveliness and scrumptious wedding cake included within our ‘Intimate Wedding Day’ custom-made package, but a romantic breakfast on the day served up high in this eco-boutique’s hotel ‘Perch’, that has the best vista of the coastline in the area, and a dinner served in the romantically decorated gazebo. For those bringing parents to the wedding, we offer the chance for all members to get to know one another with a free morning’s cooking course before the big day, which provides not just an opportunity to relax and get to know one another but to develop some skills to help you remember the tastes of your honeymoon vacation in Mocking Bird Hill, recreating them effortlessly at home.

US $ 1366 is the cost of an intimate wedding for a bride & groom, which includes all floral arrangements, boutonniere, licenses, photography, wedding planner and our  Artisan Surprise Menu –  a 4-course dinner which can include lobster if it’s in season, and is tailored to your individual preferences using locally sourced seasonal ingredients.


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