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Safety in Port Antonio

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Like any country in the world, issues regarding safety are specific to certain areas and can not be applied as a blanket statement to an entire country.

Recent statements in the press about crime in a few of Jamaica’s urban areas have no effect on the quiet, peaceful and historically safe Port Antonio which is hours away from these urban centers. Just as a crime problem in Boston would have no bearing on a small rural community 3 hours away in Vermont.

Port Antonio is a friendly place with a great sense of community. Guests interact freely with locals experiencing the cuisine of Port Antonio which is known around the island, stopping off at a rum shop or exploring the historic town which dates back to the 1800s.

Port Antonio is a friendly, welcoming place and being able to experience the local culture, food and music adds greatly to the authentic experience that guest have when they come to Port Antonio.

Hotel Mockingbird Hill is part of the fabric of the Port Antonio community and can help guests experience the real Port Antonio, the Caribbean as you have dreamed it.

Experience the real Port Antonio

Experience the real Port Antonio


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