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The Den

Standard Rate: Starting at $130.00.

Hotel Mockingbird Hill’s Garden View Rooms are enchanting, spacious and light with an outdoor balcony and views of the lush tropical gardens where you can watch hummingbirds dart between the garden’s blossoms and fruits. Admire the fiery Heliconias and see why the hotel’s garden is recommended as one of the best places for birdwatching in Jamaica.

We recommend these rooms for those travellers to Port Antonio who are on a budget but are not willing to sacrifice luxury and their comforts whilst on holiday in Jamaica.

The Den is located close to the pool area and thus ideal for children but you enjoy less privacy on its balcony and it does not offer the same views as from the other rooms. You can enjoy these from the public areas such as the bar terrace. It is also the smallest room the hotel has to offer but it is cosy and offers the same amenities as the other rooms.


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