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Counting Food Miles

Counting Jamaican Food Miles

Hotel Mockingbird Hill is an ethical business. We believe passionately that running a good business is impossible without ensuring that high ethical standards are practiced at every level of the company’s day-to-day running. This includes looking at where we source our food to ensure that we minimise the carbon emissions produced through food sourcing and supporting the local community.

Time Investment

This means investing Time. The catch to counting food miles is that it takes time as it takes a little longer to investigate the sources of ingredients but it’s important for us to make this investment because it’s worth it, not just in terms of the flavours but the contribution it makes towards supporting sustainability.
We have a passion for good food so since opening Hotel Mockingbird Hill we have made sure that we have invested our time in developing valuable relationships with trusted suppliers. We source all our food responsibly – all our suppliers are small local independent farmers, growers and producers, and small independent brands.

75% of our Produce is Local

Currently 75% of all our fresh produce comes from small local producers within 100 km and we’re striving to increase this to keep our food miles as low as possible. Our focus is on sourcing local – field grown, seasonal, organic ingredients to create inspiring and tasty meals in a wonderful environment. Wherever possible we don’t buy any packaged goods – this is why we make so much ourselves which aside from reducing waste is just so much more flavourful. Fish is purchased from fishermen in small fishing communities on the East coast, never packaged and never from further afield, since its transportation increases pollution and food miles and affects freshness and quality. We never buy endangered species or fish in its breeding season and we have now included the Lionfish on our menu to support Jamaica’s efforts to reduce the quantities of this very invasive fish in our waters.

Your Plate’s Story

Knowing the supplier and enjoying their story adds value to what is on your plate. An investment in local seasonal eating connects us culturally, historically, economically to the region that we are spending time in and ensures the surrounding community benefits from your visit to the hotel or restaurant. We want to celebrate local, seasonal Jamaican foods, and showcase superior ingredients. Together with our partners, we all share our love of not only good but also natural, earth-friendly food and treat it with the respect it deserves.


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