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Renewing your Vows in Jamaica

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We recently had a guest ask us why people renew their vows, wasn’t the first time enough?  To address this we felt we had to share some of our special experiences in organising ceremonies for couples to renew their vows in Jamaica.

Unlike many marriage ceremonies the first time round, we feel renewing your  marriage vows can be an intimate platform to share with one another and perhaps your children how much you really mean to one another.  Stories do abound how the ‘intimacy’ was sometimes lost in the whirl and excitement of a large family wedding when the marriage vows were originally taken.

Couples renewing their vows in Jamaica are often celebrating milestones, those notable decade anniversaries which declare that you are still in-love and have weathered the storms that love and life bring.  A more mature couple who were on their second marriage, chose to renew their vows every 3 years as they did not believe they would reach those decade anniversaries together after getting together later in life.

Some of those reasons may be exactly why you are considering renewing your vows.  If you would like to concentrate on the vows themselves and enjoy the benefits of a tailored package, do take a look at our romantic Renewal of Vow package which includes:


Romantic Turn Down Service


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