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Rain? Well for the Length of Time it Takes to Drink a Jamaican Chocolate Tea

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Jamaican Chocolate TeaThankfully, when it rains in Port Antonio it generally pours but only for a very short time; enough, just to keep our precious Jamaican Rain Forest happy and allow our guests to get back to enjoying the main reasons that they come, to explore Jamaica and make the most of the Caribbean Sun!

On the rare occasions when it does rain, we generally advice guests to make the most of some true down time by:-

  • Enjoying a cup of complimentary chocolate tea while watching the clouds pass by from the bar terrace
  • Treating yourself to a massage or a pedicure /manicure
  • Taking the opportunity to catch up with friends and write those promised postcards
  • Playing a game of scrabble and getting to know a couple of other guests at the same time
  • Reading the book you’ve been longing to dip into peacefully without interruptions
  • Taking a long snooze after lunch  and enjoy doing nothing!

On the rare occasions that a ‘front’ arrives over this part of Jamaica, and it has been forecast to stay for 3+ days, we will always warn you and check to see if you would like to take a visit to Kingston or perhaps have a Jamaican cooking lesson with our Chef.  Because these take a little while to arrange we won’t ever be able to arrange these the very next day  but you can be assured that we will try our very best to make sure that you don’t get bored when ‘front’ weather arrives.


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