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Protect Pellew Island

/ The Green Way

Pellew Island is located in Pellew Bay between The Blue Lagoon and Alligator Head, just 5 miles east from the town of Port Antonio Jamaica.  The island sits at one end of a coral reef, which protects the San San Bay.  It is surrounded by healthy sea grass beds and wonderful swimming areas.  Jamaicans and visitors alike visit the island by boat, laze on the small beach, snorkel at the nearby reef and generally enjoy the gorgeous setting. There are currently plans to build 4 private houses on Pellew Island, does Jamaica need 4 more private villas?

We are urging all fellow Jamaicans, Conservationists and anyone that has ever visited Pellew Island to put their names to the petition against this unnecessary development.  It is a crime that many of our existing beauty spots have been allowed to disintegrate and then disappear in the name of ‘development’ which  is neither sustainable and which will not benefit the many. Let’s come together and make a stand! PROTECT PELLEW ISLAND.

Sign the Petition – Save Jamaica’s Pellew Island

Read more about our beautiful Jamaican jewel by Diana McCaulay, it’s a  short, to the point post but describes beautifully both the island and our potential loss.


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