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Perfecting your Jamaican Holiday – Mr White the Taxi Diver

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If you are travelling to Mockingbird Hill by taxi Mr White is probably the first person you’ll meet when you arrive at the airport in Jamaica.

Mr. White has been working as our main transport partner for the last three years and all our guests compliment him on his excellent driving skills combined with  being ‘a great guy’.  It’s not simply a case of having a driver – you have a great companion and guide to ensure you have the most memorable experiences whilst on holiday in Jamaica. He will make sure no one “rips” you off as a tourist and will introduce you to various people along the way. He can share tips with you to overcome any car sickness if you are not used to the winding roads or simply surprise you by breaking out into a joyous hymn – and he can certainly bless you all for a safe journey. He’s got the direct connection to someone up there in Heaven!

Mr White began working in tourism as a diver for the then Dragons Bay Hotel which suited him perfectly, he loves to explore and discover new things and being a driver for visitors enabled him to tour the country and see various attractions and points of interest that he may not have otherwise seen if he worked behind a desk.  He is also a pastor and has found the training he received for this vocation to be very useful as it taught him how to communicate from people from all walks of life.  The common link between both these professions is a love for people and interaction.

He enjoys learning about foreign cultures and sharing insights and information about Jamaica’s culture to visitors.  Working in the field of tourism has spurned him to learn more about Jamaica’s culture in order to be able to answer questions from guests on history, sociology and how certain practices or beliefs evolved.

Despite all the differences Mr White believes it very gratifying to establish  just what we all have in common – sharing fun, laughter and joy of the moment. Driving can be quite taxing in Jamaica because of the narrow, winding and adventurous road conditions plus watching out for all the “surprises” that can suddenly come out on the road –whether it be goats, chickens, cyclists and children who run out after their cricket ball, but helping to ensure that guests take home wonderful memories makes every day of driving worthwhile.



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