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Numbers We are Proud Of

/ The Green Way

In 2008 we began the conversion to solar energy resulting in a reduction in the total Kwh that we used and reduction of carbon emissions. The table below outlines the reductions achieved so far:

Year                                        KwH/Year        Reduction KwH          CO2 Kg/Year  ReductionCO2 Kg

2008 (pool pump solar)     62,659                                                         32,872

2009 (12 panels)                   50,128                   12,531                        26,298                    6,574

2010 (18 panels in Aug.)   49,833                        295                         26,143                         155

2011                                          43,609                     6,224                        22,878                     3,265

2012                                          35,851                     7,758                        18,808                     4,070

Total reduction                                                 26,808                                                                14,064

We remain committed to sustainability and we will continue to find innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint. In fact sometimes the changes are so easy and cost nothing. For example, changing the time we do our laundry. Our housekeepers would put on the washing machine when they came to work at 6.30 a.m. This would require using the electrical backup to heat the water. So now we have changed the time and no laundry is done before 10.30 a.m. by which time the sun has heated the water in our solar water heating system to the perfect temperature for doing the laundry and eliminates the need to use the electrical back up. Every little reduction helps along the way to becoming more energy efficient. We will continue to work at improving our energy efficiency. It is important for the planet and we think, particularly in these tough economic times, that it is important to pay less for electricity and keep the jobs of our really good team.


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