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Mouthwatering Breakfasts at Jamaica’s Best Breakfast Spot

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Mille Fleurs is delighted to have a reputation for being one of the best breakfast spots in Jamaica especially for our excellent signature Slow Food cooked breakfasts and brunches.  Our flavourful organic ingredients sourced from local community small holders  ensure that our breakfasts zing with vitality rather than loading you down with nasty chemicals and a large carbon holiday footprint.

If you don’t want to undo all your good work and have something lighter try some of our home-made muesli, yogurt and fresh fruit platter options which include Jamaica’s delicious endemic fruits.  Our homemade preserves and organic local honey is perfect on our own artisan breads and pastries that are prepared daily by our in-house baker Fifi.

Tempting Fusion

Chef Barbara believes a superb way to face the world is by enjoying a lazy morning lie-in and one of the restaurant’s fusion cooked breakfasts that combine traditional Jamaican ingredients and flavours as well as some better known ones from home.  Seated on the Mille Fleurs hillside terrace, you can watch the light and shadow play on the Blue Mountains,  Caribbean Sea and Port Antonio, a truly memorable holiday indulgence. Join us on a Saturday and enjoy one of the team’s unique breakfasts pre or post yoga at 11.00 on on our veranda or yoga deck depending on the weather.

Ackee & Saltfish with Pool View

Mille Fleurs Mouthwatering Fusion Cooked Breakfasts

Jamaican Breakfast

Ackee and saltfish (seasonal) with fried bammy, “Johnny Cakes” (fried dumplings), plantain . When no fresh ackees are available we will provide you with another traditional Jamaican breakfast.  (Available for vegetarians and vegans without salt fish)

“JamEnglish” Breakfast

The best of both worlds! 2 Fried Eggs with fried tomatoes, bacon, jerk sausage, sauté callaloo and “Johnny Cakes” ( fried dumplings)

“JaMerican” Breakfast

2 fried eggs with sweet plantain and potato hash, bacon and jerk sausage

“Germaican” Breakfast

The traditional Ackee dish with a German twist: sausage instead of saltfish, semmel-pimento knödel and callaloo sautéed with cheese and bacon

Order the Day Before

As our cooked breakfasts are made to order  and may require specific ingredients that require soaking please do order the day before!

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