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Meat Matters: The Value of Local, Heritage & Jamaica

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Meat MattersPart of the joy at eating at a small independent restaurant in Jamaica is revelling in the fact that they serve local meat. Despite the economic advantages enjoyed by a farmer who can fatten their livestock with growth hormones, animals that are reared outdoors and grass fed do create a meat with a superior flavour and texture whilst insuring the meat is rich in Omega 3 & 4.

Mille Fleurs is Port Antonio’s only organic restaurant and we take great pride in the provenance of the meat we serve, it is sustainable, local, heritage and all cuts are prepared by our Chef.  We believe our guests deserve the same high standard of organic meat that is ethically produced that they are used to at home, and not the cheap, intensively farmed imported meat that is popular with Jamaica’s larger hotel restaurants.  We buy local, sustainbly reared meat that enables us to guarantee that all meat served in the restaurant is free from gms, steroids, antibiotics, synthetic growth hormones nor has it undergone saltwater plumping. By stocking locally produced meat we are helping to guarantee that our local farmers and their employees directly benefit from tourism to the island.


Early maturing, well marbled Jamaican Jamaica Brahman Black Poll, Jamaican Red Poll beef is served in the Mille Fleurs restaurant and patronised from sustainable farmers who sell directly to Jamaica’s independent butchers.  For reference the ox in Jamaica’s fabulous spicy oxtail dishes is created using beef from ‘oxen’, the historic name for the castrated male steers.

Lamb and Mutton

Jamaican’s love of their scotch bonnet and pimento laced curries means that in smaller restaurants you will be offered mutton from sheep which are most commonly raised on the hillsides of St Elizabeth Parish, south west of Kingston and from where our most famous indigenous breed gets its name.  Hardy and suited to their tropical island habitat, Jamaican sheep are smaller than those found outside the Caribbean.  Jamaica has one specialist lamb provider, Longeville Park Farms in the parish of Clarendon and it is their delicious lamb we serve in the Mille Fleurs restaurant.


Our  succulent chickens are free range and organic, reared by one of our very own Mockingbirdhill gardener who tends our beautiful pesticide free, bio-dynamic gardens.  The chicken receive a nutrious, natural organic feed and have a spacious environment to roam, which means  reduced disease, less fat and greater health benefits for our guests.


We never serve cheap, subsidised imported pork as we believe that pigs are as one of the most intelligent and social of our domesticated animals and deserve more than a life in a crate.  All our pork is reared by a small-time farmer in Usain Bolt’s homeland, Trelawny.  His pigs get to explore and forage in a natural environment which we believe cuts down on disease and the need for antibiotics whilst improving the flavour and texutre of the pork.

Book dinner at our Mille Fleurs restaurant and enjoy delicious and ethically produced Jamaican meat that benefits our local farmers


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