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Just Spotted: Vervain Hummingbird

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Just spotted a Vervain hummingbird taking it easy after an early morning’s nectar drinking. It enjoys Jamaica’s natural subtropical and tropical moist lowland forests.

How big is a Vervain HummingbirdIt’s the second smallest hummingbird in the world after the bee hummingbird. Just 6 cm (2.4 “) including the bill, its weight is 2-2.4 gm and supposedly lays the smallest egg of just 1 cm with a weight of 0.375 gm.  The latin name for the Vervain is Mellisuga minima. Melli’ is Latin for ‘honey’ and ‘suga’ means ‘to suck’. The male has a deeply notched tail and the female tail is rounded and tipped white

We at Mocking Bird Hill particularly love their song, quite loud with “a prolonged twittering” (Downer and Sutton 1990), have a listen via this great website.

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Photography- Vervain Hummingbird ©


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