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Jerk Sauce Recipe to Heat up Autumn Days

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Jerk Sauce

We’ve had a rush of emails from previous guests who live in the UK & Holland over the past fortnight all requesting  our Jerk Sauce recipe – we’re guessing it’s because the barbecue season is well and truly over in Europe!

The great thing about a good jerk sauce recipe is that it brings a little smoky warmth and tenderness to all oven grilled meats, and from our own past experience, when we’ve been off the island  somewhere in the northern hemisphere on a dark cold night,  it’s wonderful  sauce for bringing back the feeling of lazy summer days.

Anyway here it is in all its Jamaican glory, it’s good with Chicken, fantastic on fish and superb when making roasted vegetables.  For anyone who needs a lunch box of dry oatcakes spiced up mix our jerk sauce it with a little organic soft cheese and you’ll get the sweet spicy flavours of Jamaica no matter where you are.

475ml Chicken Stock
300g Spring Onions (chopped)
100g Chopped Thyme
50g Chopped Red Onion
20 g crushed Pimento berries
75 g Chopped chilli (pepper)
10g Chopped Ginger
120ml Olive Oil
45ml Soya Sauce
Salt and Black Pepper to Taste

Except for the salt and black pepper, put all ingredients in a blender and puree.  Pour the mixture in a bowl season to taste with salt and black pepper. Keep in a sterilized sealed jar in the fridge – it will last up to 6 months.

We suggest marinating your chicken, fish or vegetables in the jerk sauce for 3 hours before you are about to grill it.  Before grilling scrape off the excess and make sure your grill is very hot!  For those that would like a sauce to accompany their meat try warming some cream and adding a teaspoon or two of your Jerk Sauce as the perfect accompaniment.

Careful it’s easy to get addicted to this sauce! If you do, try and visit  Port Antonio for a holiday at Hotel Mockingbird Hill the first week of July, when you will be able to experience the Portland Jerk Festival.  Here you’ll be able to taste Jerk Lobster, Jerk Conch, Jerk Sausage, Jerk Pork and of course Jerk Chicken and of course some fine dining for your evening meals at our Mille Fleurs restaurant


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