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Jeffrey Sachs’ Visit to Kingston

/ The Green Way


We recently attended a very interesting talk hosted by economist Jeffrey Sachs in Kingston. Known for his work on global challenges, such as economic development, environmental sustainability, poverty alleviation and globalization, he has even been called the “Bono of economics” by Bill Gates.

His presentation was thought-provoking, disturbing, and yet, it was an affirmation that we are doing the right thing by creating awareness of the national and global issues that exist, and encouraging others to take action. We are glad to see that people are finally appreciating the benefits of sustainable tourism. It is so important, yet so few make any attempt to change. It is the only way forward if we are to meet the challenges of an earth that soon won’t have enough resources to sustain growing populations. The unfortunate end result is that the boundaries of acceptable change are widening due to massive consumerism and lack of responsible behaviour.

The 3 points that struck us most about Jeffrey Sachs’s presentation are:

  1. The commitment to act responsibly is a moral imperative if we are to consider social equality and a fair living standard worldwide. We also have to think about granting future generations fair opportunities.
  2. Despite all the challenges we face, and the environmental degradation that has already been caused, there is still opportunity  to  address the issues and prevent the situation from deteriorating even more. There are risks and opportunities whereby  the solutions are not rocket science. It requires the will of the people, the individual to behave responsibly.
  3.  We felt very good that his talk confirmed that we have been doing the right thing for 20 years. However, what it will take is every business and every business taking the necessary steps to operate in this way.

At Hotel Mockingbird Hill, we are committed to acting responsibly from A to Z. From reducing our carbon footprint by tracking our food miles, to having zero waste in our restaurant, we do what we can to invest in our earth. We also purchase all of our food locally and support local community projects.

This is what motivates us to spread the awareness and keep people informed. We want people to realize that every thought-out action, even the smallest, can really make a difference. Now is the time for change.

Businesses need to leverage their power and platform to create awareness. Often, businesses create awareness, but their operations behind the scenes are sometimes questionable. Making a difference should be a commitment, like a mission statement, in order for real changes to materialize.


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