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Jamaica’s Newest Spa Retreat -The Garden of Wellness

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Garden of Wellness

We’re delighted to announce that Mocking Bird Hill’s Garden of Wellness spa retreat is open and  ready to welcome visitors in Port Antonio Jamaica.

[one_half]Mocking Bird Signature: Coconut, Ginger, Lemon Grass and Corn Body Scrub is a perfect combination to cleanse the skin and detoxify the body[/one_half] [one_half last]Detoxify Soak with Sorrel, Cerrasee, Ginger and Irish Moss enriched with Goats Milk.  Blended with aromatic essential oils of sweet orange, grapefruit and ginger this bath is a true cleanse[/one_half] [clear]


Encompassed by a large Ficus tree that radiates from its centre, the wellness area is completely surrounded by nature. This is a nurturing space in which to relax and to indulge in treatments for body, mind and soul.

From such beautiful surroundings and landscaping to the environmentally sensitive development, supported by expert service and care, the facilities at this retreat are designed to give you the experience of a lifetime.

It is a nature-lover’s dream and the setting is restorative and induces mindfulness and meditation. Our aim is to offer a holistic well-being experience, restoring balance and encouraging a sense of wellbeing.

The combination of this natural garden setting with a range of time-tested treatments that use indigenous Caribbean botanicals grown in the adjoining herb garden, with traditional physical, healing rituals offers therapies that bring renewal and transformation.

While spa techniques may vary, all forms of holistic therapy follow the same basic principle of ensuring the smooth flow of chi, the energy or life force within the body. When chi is in balance our natural equilibrium of peace and harmony is restored and our whole system works in total accord.

Garden of WellnessView our Garden of Wellness Brochure and price-list, created with grateful thanks to the Caribbean Export Development Agency

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