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Jamaica’s Palace in a Bottle

/ The Green Way

The Hotel Mockingbird Hill Palace

Each and every hotel’s reputation around the world is built upon its team of staff that quietly work away in the background to ensure all their guests’ expectations are met, and guarantee the most perfect holiday that promises guests return home refreshed & invigorated.

Donald, our most imaginative King of recycling, crafted the gazebo utilising the glass wine bottles that our guests drink to create a protective wall that keeps any strong breezes at bay whilst the team are sitting down.

Anne MarieHere’s what Anne Marie, Senior Chef thinks:

“If you love nature and like to listen to the sound of birds and the breeze, then our break room is the place to be. Can you imagine having your coffee break or lunch taking in a breath of fresh air, looking at the trees dancing to the wind or watching the rain pounding the earth?

Before my break is up I personally like to relax a few minutes on the adjoining patch of lawn we have there. We have received the older pool deck chairs and can put our feet up and relax a bit, whilst meeting to have a chat with the other team members.

Compared to a lot of staff rooms that are located in the cellar or consist of a closed room, it’s great to relax in the open.   The ‘Palace’ as we have called it is the place to be to have your break and cool off.”


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