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Jamaica Travel Tip: Fifi’s Fresh Baked Breads

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Home baked breadsOur Jamaica travel tip of the week is to visit Mille Fleurs in Port Antonio and indulge in some of Fifi’s extraordinary oven fresh daily breads, muffins and scones.  All have been lovingly crafted , left to prove slowly, coaxed by Jamaica’s warm temperatures without a flour enhancer in sight.

Breakfast Breads

Wholewheat, Granola Bread, Banana, Coconut, Fruit Scones, Muffins – Carrot and Pineapple or  Carrot and Coconut, or Lemon and Ginger or Coconut and Muesli, or Honey Raisin Bran.

Dinner Breads

White Dinner Rolls, Wholewheat Bread Rolls, Sundried Tomato and Olive Rolls, Wholewheat and Herb Scones, Jalapeno Corn Muffins, Cheese, Pepper & Mustard Muffins, Focaccia with Toasted Pumpkin Seeds  or Rosemary,  Spoon bread with Sour Cream and and Cheese.

5 Years of Baking for  the Mille Fleurs Restaurant

FifiAt the close of 2014 we celebrated the 5th anniversary of Fifi being part of Mille Fleurs kitchen team.We are so proud of how she has developed as a baker over a very short time. She came to Mockingbird Hill as a shy girl wanting to develop her baking skills and a curiosity about meeting people from other cultures and expanding her culinary horizons. At the time we did not have a position available in the kitchen, so she started out in the restaurant, serving breakfast and then when a position opened up in the kitchen, we were happy to grant her wish and train her to become the breakfast chef and baker with the responsibility for baking all the various breakfast and dinner breads as well as cakes and desserts.

She has been inspired by the different cultures she has been introduced to through our various guests and so now we have a JaMerican / GerMaican and a JamEnglish breakfast!  Today she is a power woman who is leading the kitchen team and still pursuing her dream of going to Europe to learn more about cakes, pastry and bread making and is preparing herself for this by learning German.

“Freshly made/baked” is her proud Mantra and we are grateful to be treated to her goodies. Thank you Fifi!

“It gives me great pleasure to see the smile when a guest breaks open a roll, smells and takes a bite or simply enjoys the first spoonful of a lovely dessert. I enjoy baking so much and I want guests to feel on top of the world with the most delicious breakfast.

The variety of home baked breads I bake for breakfast and dinner is unmatched in Jamaica  – that’s just one of the small details with which I can make our guests feel special – aside from little personal touches that I enjoy.  My favourite moment, baking a cake to help a gentleman who had brought his girlfriend here to propose.


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