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Honey for a Queen & Garden Tips & Treats for Healthy Bees

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How do you like your honey?  One of the  familiar but unfamiliar treats that guarantees to get our guests licking their lips in anticipation of a second teaspoon taster is our local raw Mille Fleurs honey.

Caribbean Flowers Make Aromatic Honey

Our locally sourced runny honey is so delicious we named our restaurant after it and which we try to use as often as possible in both dishes and in cocktails as a substitute to sugar.

Luckily our bee keepers haven’t experienced the collapse of entire hives that has become a regular news item from other continents.  No doubt they are helped by the less intensive farm methods of the island.  We really see that fewer pesticides ensures robust bees and healthy colonies.  We have done our very best to make our gardens into a bee-friendly oasis, we’re not sure if we have 1000 types of flowers but our colourful nectar-filled array of  Heliconias, Gingers, Birds of Paradise, Crotons, Anthuriums,  Bottlebrush, Poor Man’s Orchid and the Hibiscus are all adored by bees.

Sustainability Begins with our Pollinators

To help sustain our local bees who aid us so much in our own organic kitchen vegetable garden we have a few tips to share on how on how to keep bees healthy and in the very best possible condition:

  • Avoid planting hybrid varieties that have less pollen as they don’t seed.
  • Select 3 flowers for each season, if you haven’t got green fingers allowing daisies in a lawn to grow freely will make you a bee champion
  • Leave an area of ground in a sunny position for the bees that like to burrow under it to make their homes
  • Make your very own bee hotel by keeping a small area of dead wood and canes for bees that like to nest in wood and canes.

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