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Help Haiti Please

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Helping HaitiHotel Mockingbird Hill are sending an urgent appeal to all our friends & guests to help our Haitian neighbours just 100 miles across the sea from Port Antonio.

There can be few people in the world that do not know about the devastating earthquake on January 12th which has, in all senses of the word, demolished this country.

Time is precious and their pulverised infrastructure urgently needs help in being rebuilt to provide clean water, food, shelter and electricity which in turn will allow the emergency doctors that have been arriving to work on those people who so desperately require medical help.

In the short term if you can afford to donate  even a small amount, even just the average daily wage of Haitian worker– US$2, we urge you to please contact any of the following charities who will help to provide these most basic of human needs to the 3 million men, women and children of Haiti who so urgently need them:

Medicins sans Frontiers | Red Cross

To quote Edmund Burke “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little”.


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