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Healing Massage in Jamaica

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Massage in the Garden of WellnessMassage always seemed like a natural career choice for our lead masseur, Candy (Antoinette King) as she comes from a family of healers.   Her maternal grandmother is a herbalist and her paternal grandfather was a natural healer who used herbal remedies to treat various ailments.

Traditionally in Jamaica a number of plants are used for herbal baths and making herbal teas as well as tonics so Candy grew up with a very close connection to this natural, organic lifestyle, intrigued in the power of natural herbs/fruits and interested in learning about their various abilities and benefits.  She became motivated in officially studying in their healing properties after her youngest sister was diagnosed with a heart condition and reacted badly to certain treatments.

She graduated from the Brian Tylor Institute Of Massage Therapy, London in 2004 and the Aroma Spa Institute in Kingston, Jamaica in 2008. Since then, she has honed her skills. She works with the energy of her guests body and will combine various techniques as she sees fit to address the needs best. If you desire the results of a deep tissue massage, yet want to minimise the discomfort of receiving one, then Candy is the therapist for you. You can feel the tension melt away as you relax under her calming touch. Her quiet strength provides her guests with a relaxing, and effective massage.

While she is not trained as a naturopath, she has learnt a lot over the years about the benefits of various plants with regards to skin care.She has learnt that it is best to use fresh organic ingredients to care for skin.  This is because ready-made products are loaded with fragrance which is the leading cause of skin irritation. Secondly, they have a vast amount of chemicals which strips the skin of its natural moisture and often peels the surface of the skin, leaving it dull and exposed to harmful rays of the sun. Natural products on the other hand have no artificial fragrance and work with the natural genetic cell structure  of the skin to clean, moisture, restore and bring out its natural lasting glow.  She combines the therapeutic benefits she gains from her main hobby organic gardening in making various masques, scrubs etc for the skin treatments she offers.

Additionally, Candy has been trained in Pregnancy/Pre-natal bodywork and Lymph Drainage or Lymphatic treatment. Her deep intuition and understanding of the human body allows her to adjust her technique to meet the needs of each guest, helping to facilitate their own healing mechanism for relaxation and well-being.. Whether she’s using Swedish techniques to relax sore muscles, deep tissue techniques for chronic pain management, or a well-rounded blend of both, Candy will work closely with you to assess your personal needs.

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