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Getting Married in the Caribbean: Tips to a Weddingmoon in Jamaica

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Getting married in Jamaica has always attracted couples who are as unique and original as the Caribbean’s most famous cultural island.  A dreamy ‘one-love’ weddingmoon in Jamaica isn’t the reserve of the rich or famous but a destination for all couples that are looking for something a little extraordinary on one of the romantic islands of the world.

Courting Romance & the Practicalities of Getting Married in Jamaica

Unlike some of its Caribbean neighbours, getting married in Jamaica only requires you to be on the island for 24 hours before the ceremony if you have made an prior application meaning a weddingmoon is not just a lovely idea but a very practical and stress free way to knot and make the most of your honeymoon.


Reggae, Romance and Caribbean Sun – Tips for Getting Married in Jamaica


  • Recently recommended in the Vogue Guide to Jamaica, Port Antonio and Jamaica’s tranquil North East coast provides the perfect mix of sunshine, retreat, old skool glamour.  Select whether you want have your wedding set on one of the best white sand beaches in the world, Frenchman’s Cove or with the majestic UNESCO Blue Mountains as the backdrop to your wedding photos from the perch, restaurant or gardens at Mockingbird Hill.


  • Carefully choose the hotel you stay at for your special day. Before committing yourself, check that you are working with professionals who organise your important day with a wedding planner that you can both access and listen to your first and last detail of your vision of your important day and allow you freedom to customise your wedding to your own tastes.


  • Surround yourself with flowers! Jamaica’s endemic blooms and those brought to the island from all continents as people made their home on the island and mean it’s easy to surround yourself with seasonal exotic flowers with beautiful aromas that don’t have a large carbon footprint or are tended to by children but are  organically grown and freshly picked from local gardens.  Work with your hotel’s wedding planner to ensure that your bouquet and boutonniere and ceremony floral centrepiece reflect your very personal couple style.


  • Jamaican cuisine is a wonderful fusion of the best from many cultures and deliciously accommodates vegetarians and vegans, non-dairy and pescatarian diet.  Check that your Chef sources and honours the effort of local suppliers to create some of the freshest gourmet flavours on the island, that are healthy too!  Whether your wedding banquet is just for the two of you or twenty two family and friends, it is the most important meal of your life and ensure that your hotel’s restaurant has a reputation to match expectations and that your menus is crafted according to your taste preferences & budget.


  • Find out how  how many weddings your proposed hotel hosts per week.  To guarantee special little touches and ensure that you and your guests do not feel that you are sharing a ‘package’ we recommend using a hotel that has a quota of one wedding per week.


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