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Full Moon & Tree Frog Chorus at Jamaica Eco-Lodge

/ The Green Way

There are many things that make staying in an eco-lodge in Jamaica special.  One could be that it doesn’t require “roughing it”; you can still be ‘green’ and enjoy guiltless luxury if you stay at Port Antonio’s elegant Hotel Mockingbird Hill, voted best Caribbean eco-hotel by American Express.

We believe that an eco lodge should be sustainable and be ‘green’, but that should in turn not affect style or comfort. Therefore all our rooms are large and airy, with cool white tiles, handcrafted bamboo furniture and original artwork.  Each room is ventilated naturally by cross sea breezes, but which keep out the elements in times of rain; in turn they allow you to be serenaded to sleep by an ecological evensong, the tree frog chorus.

More rhythmic chirping than deep bass croaking from these tiny choristers, their calls are made by keeping both their mouth and nostrils closed, whilst they use the muscles in both their body and throat to oscillate the air between the mouth sac and their lungs, a bizarre biological process to create the most perfect lullaby.

The tree frogs love our bio-diverse tropical gardens, and are just part of what allows to keep our lush gardens organic; they keep a check on creepy crawlies and in turn attract birds, which has established this tranquil eco-retreat as one of the” best birding sites on the Island” (Birds of the West Indies).

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