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FEEL THE BREEZE OFFER = book now for April and receive our low season summer rates. All guests will receive our springtime artisan foodie basket and kite for the beach if you book before 30 April 2016.

Take advantage of April’s gentle warm breezes and Jamaica’s expansive blue skies and fly a brightly coloured kite on the island’s most romantic private beach, Frenchman’s Cove.


In between a cooling swim in the Caribbean Sea and kiting, enjoy dipping into our coconut and wicker basket gift for a handful of irresistible roasted Blue Mountain coffee beans that have been richly coated in chocolate which is also grown up high on our UNESCO mountains’ misty slopes.

A pack of Jamaica’s finest Blue Mountain coffee beans, the most expensive in the world will be included in your April basket, for you to take home and have your most indulgent cup of coffee that will rekindle memories of simple pleasures whilst on holiday in Jamaica.

Chef Barbara’s aromatic Pimento Liqueur is fabled throughout Port Antonio and this delicious rum-based dram will be part of our April basket.  Whether it makes it back home with you or you’ll indulge yourself in exotic allspice Jamaica’s nightcap on your room terrace we wouldn’t like to predict!  If it doesn’t there is the  bottle of her homemade organic Jerk Sauce to help recapture your Jamaican holiday mood!

Kiting Jamaica

Free to Soar and Dream

Kite flying at Easter has become a Jamaican tradition, and each of the beautiful kites that we will be gifting our guests has been handmade by the Lifeyard art community project in Kingston which you can visit as part of our Pressing Tunes Music Tour.

Book Early & Receive our low season rates our Artisan Foodie Basket & Kite


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