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Rafting on the Rio Grande

Rafting on the Rio Grande dates back to the 1950s when celebrity, Errol Flynn, noticed banana farmers from the Blue Mountains strapping the fruits to bamboo rafts and floating them down the river to the wharf at Port Antonio, and thought his friends would enjoy a similar experience. Most visitors now leave Port Antonio listing rafting on the Rio Grande as their ultimate vacation treat.

Your rafting trip will begin by visiting some relatively  unknown waterfalls in the area, the McKenzie Falls which cascade into the Sarah (pronounced “say”) River, a tributary of the Rio Grande. You will pick up your raft at the village of Berridale and end at Rafter’s Rest, St. Margaret’s Bay on the coast. The nearly two and a half hour journey down the Rio Grande winds through rainforests and farmland on a thirty-foot raft steered expertly by a local ‘captain’.

You’ll be able to experience rural Jamaican life along the Rio Grande riverbanks and stop for a quick swim along the way. Have a traditional Jamaican lunch to die for: Coconut Curried Crayfish at the rustic Belinda’s Riverside Eatery.



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