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Kingston, the Heartbeat of Jamaica

Kingston, the Heartbeat of Jamaica

Henry Morgan and the Buccaneer Story

This is an interesting Kingston excursion that takes you back into the rich history of the colourful days of the buccaneers. Visit the Fort Charles and Port Royal, then enjoy a traditional fish lunch at the local street side restaurant, Gloria’s, a Jamaican the insider tip. You can also visit some the museums such as the Institute of Jamaica, the Natural History Museum, the Taino  or the African Caribbean Institute of Jamaica.

Heritage Tours

Specialising in places of worship and museums are tailored to your wishes. Several churches trace their origins to the 17th century, and their histories contain a wealth of information about the history of Jamaica. Touring these buildings, viewing their architecture, monuments and artefacts gives interesting historical insights. Also visit Devon House one of the many preserved historic mansions in Jamaica that depicts the glory of days gone by. This house was built in 1881 by George Siebel, a wealthy Jamaican who became one of the first black millionaires in the Caribbean. It has been described as Jamaican-Georgian and is furnished with a collection of antiques.

National Gallery of Jamaica Interpretation Tour

Jamaican art is diverse, an eclectic mix of styles and forms and reflection of the cultural mix that has historically characterised this island. The National Gallery of Jamaica interpretation tour takes you through the Permanent Collection Jamaican Art 1922 – Present is the centre piece and provides a history and understanding of modern Jamaican art¹s development.  Also to be seen are other exhibitions in the NGJ including the Pre-Twentieth century Collection with work dating as far back as the Arawak or Taino periods, and the A.D. Scott Collection – a special private collection of paintings and sculpture from the 1960’s and ’70s. The Edna Manley Galleries highlight the oeuvre of one of Jamaica¹s most significant artists. In addition, there¹s always a temporary exhibition highlighting contemporary trends. The in-depth guided tour provides an interesting introduction to understanding the history of Jamaican Art. You can also visit some of the other contemporary galleries in Kingston and combine it with visiting some of the main attractions in Kingston whether Bob Marley museum or Devon House.


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