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#EarthDay2015 -Special Seedlings for a Special Jamaican School

/ The Green Way

#EarthDay2105  Hotel Mockingbird Hill’s Commitment to the School of Hope, (35 children aged 6-18 with learning disabilities)

As part of our #EarthDay2015 celebrations we’re complementing our EarthDay2014  Canopy Project commitment to the School of Hope by planting seedlings that will prettify the school surroundings with a sharp burst of colour and provide interesting sensory textures as well as welcome visitors to the school.

Heliconias, pink and red gingers,  hibiscus and wild banana have been lovingly tended by the Mockingbirdees’ gardeners over the past few weeks and together with the school children they will plant the flowers and shrubs and give an informal follow up class in plant maintenance.  Afterwards we’ll be cracking on with some cheery wall  painting, wishing we were as inspired as the Kingston based Paint Jamaica team as well as tidying up the kerbs by the school.

For over two decades we have followed the mantra that by investing in nature, our health, wealth and security will flourish. We hope that all hotels in Jamaica will soon follow our eco-stance and adopt these cost effective ways to provide for the local community.  It is a simple way to ensure local schools in Jamaica can provide food for their students as well as have  a relaxing area outside the classroom for breaks which is conducive to a place of learning and a place to take pride in.


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