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Digital Detox in Port Antonio, Jamaica

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Hotel Mockingbird Hill in Port Antonio Jamaica offers a digital detox where the beep of “notifications” is replaced by the sound of leaves rustling from the sea breezes punctuated by the songs of the tropical birds which inhabit their six acres of always blooming gardens. A tranquil oasis where guests can recharge. In this veritable cocoon guests can become attuned to the rhythms of nature. Within this lush setting is a serene wellness area with a sequestered deck for meditation and yoga and a pavilion for massage and spa treatments all immersed in an exquisite calm.

It is a place to sleep in, to enjoy long leisurely meals, to take quiet walks in the garden or read a book in a softly swaying hammock. In the evening over cocktails watch the sunset give way to a sky full of twinkling stars. Hear the soft serenade of tiny tree frogs while fireflies quietly blink by.

You are located in one of the most naturally beautiful spots anywhere. Here the real experience replaces the virtual. Hotel Mockingbird Hill is near to some of the best beaches in the world like the nearby Frenchman’s Cove where it is not unusual to have this glorious beach to yourself. There is the mysterious Blue Lagoon with its multi-hued water fed by cool underground springs and the warm Caribbean Sea where one floats through the changing temperatures while watching clouds pass overhead. Reach Falls is a hidden water fall that spills into an emerald basin surrounded by giant ferns and the occasional parrot. The Rio Grande is where leisurely rafting trips weave through unspoiled nature with the majestic Blue Mountains as a backdrop. Surfing at Boston Bay, kayaking at San San Beach, hiking through tropical rain forests, Port Antonio offers an abundance of activities focused on the natural environment.

At Hotel Mockingbird Hill the Slow Food cuisine is internationally acclaimed, an innovative fusion of Jamaican and European flavors made from locally sourced organic ingredients served on a romantic terrace with views of the Port Antonio coastline. This is a place to linger over conversation, feel the gentle sea breezes, have one more drink and hope the evening never ends.

The hotel’s attentive service is highly personalized and their insider’s knowledge allows guests to enjoy authentic one of a kind experiences from the exploration of the awe inspiring surroundings to a tour of rum shops and jerk chicken stands. This is the real Jamaica, one of incredible beauty, warm hospitality and unforgettable experiences.

Hotel Mockingbird Hill, Port Antonio, Jamaica.


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