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Cookie Kinkhead

“Whether it be people, places or things,

what I “see” and am inspired to capture in a photograph, is essence of reality …

the simple beauty of whatever reality is there.”

Our favourite Jamaican photographer is Cookie Kinkead, whom we must credit for the wonderful photography of the hotel on our website.  Cookie’s first official assignment was in the early 70’s with Bob Marley and the Wailers for their  album “Catch a Fire”.  We love how her work is spontaneous, honest and real and embodies the spirit of Jamaica.

Cookie Kinkead was “born and grow” in Jamaica.  From early childhood there was always a camera around her neck, and the fact at that stage there was no film in it, did not matter!

She always enjoys traveling around Jamaica to visually capture the essence of mostly “old” (which is quickly disappearing). Her love and passion for the island encompasses everything architectural, cultural, culinary and the greatest resource of all – its unique people.

Commercially, Cookie photographs boutique hotels, and interiors for magazines such as Maco, and The World of Interiors, and supplies many travel magazines with images of the Caribbean.

Most recent books she has photographed are EAT CARIBBEAN published by Simon & Schuster UK, and NYAM JAMAICA [a “roots culinary travelogue” around Jamaica, which won the GOLD at Gourmand awards in Paris July 1st 2009 for the best cookbook design and photographs].

Her newest project, a coffee table book “Harbour Island” (with Wallace Tutt 111, and “forward” by Diane Von Furstenburg) will be published late 2009.

Visit Cookie Kinkead’s official website


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