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Coming Home – A Sustainable Romantic Roots Celebration

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Dining on the Mille Fleurs Terrace

 Al Fresco Terrace Dining in February, Mille Fleurs Restaurant, Hotel Mockingbird Hill

How nice it is to go home to Jamaica and escape those long cold dark winter nights that living in the Northern Hemisphere bring until Spring-time.   The lush land of wood & water is the place to escape back to, where the knockout smell of Thyme-infused fish, Rice ‘n’ Peas brings with it the knowledge that you can relax and switch off.  But how often does ‘going home’ end up not so much a holiday but a catch-up?  How often does going home actually mean the holiday broken up into 2 with you and your family exploring a new part of Jamaica?

Hotel Mockingbird Hill in Port Antonio could be just the place to stay for those that are considering going home to Jamaica for a family holiday but longing to combine it with a few days away and exploring part of Jamaica’s lush rich North East coast. Quieter and less commercial than some of its West End Resort brothers, the area of Port Antonio is the perfect place to explore especially if you are a Jerk fan – this is where it started after all!

Twice voted the Caribbean’s Best  Green Hotel and recently recommended by OK Magazine, a short break at intimate eco boutique Hotel Mockingbird Hill, guarantees you and your family not just a green holiday but one which promotes sustainable tourism,  ensuring that members of the local Portland community are benefiting from your holiday in Jamaica.  Whether it is from tucking into the delicious locally produced organic goat cheese supplied to the Mille Fleurs Restaurant, captained by Jamaican Chef Melvin Laidlaw, or at the end of the day enjoying the Chocolate Tea Balls supplied by the ladies of the St Mary Multi-Purpose Cooperative, you will have the tastes of home brought to you whilst benefiting local producers. You may even want to invest in one of the beautiful recycled photograph albums made by the ladies at Fairy Hill – the perfect place to display memories of your ‘holiday’ .

For those who want to explore the Blue Mountains we suggest a day excursion led by Colonel Frank Lumsden, leader of the local Charles Town Maroons.  In between darting amongst the streamer tailed humming birds and mongooses, the ever-so-charming Colonel traces the history of the Maroons, whose ancestors , from Ghana in West Africa, have contributed so much to Jamaica’s culture. For anyone considering a holiday around Valentine’s Day in Jamaica to get back to their roots, a stay at Hotel Mockingbird Hill could be just that as you can drop in on the nearby 20th annual Fi Wi Sinting festival – a celebration of Jamaica’s African Heritage that is held on Valentine’s Day at the beautiful Somerset Falls in Hope Bay, Portland.

A short break holiday in February at Port Antonio’s Hotel Mockingbird Hill starts at US255 per night for a Garden View Double Room.


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