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Come & Meet us at the UK Rutland Bird Fair

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Rutland Bird FairIf you are considering a birding holiday to the Caribbean do come & find out about Jamaica by talking to us at the RSPCA’s Bird Fair at the Egleton Nature Reserve in Rutland, UK.  We will be exhibiting from Friday 20th August – Sunday 22nd August 2010. We are in Marquee 1, Stand No. 42, within The Travel & Tourism area – our stand is named Jamaican Birds!

Despite its sometimes roguish image Jamaica is a beautiful, accessible and safe (yes safe!) birding country, with a range of locations as inebriating as our rum. Between the Blue Mountains and Portland, you can usually see almost all of the endemics. Your comfortable base for the Blue Mountains is Forrest Park Guest House in Mavis Bank and Mocking Bird Hill in Port Antonio, on the northeast coast of the island, both of which are fine birding locations.

Let us introduce you to an island where you may find 265 different species of birds with 28 endemic to the island at the last count! More than any other Caribbean island, in fact Jamaica has the highest number of endemics for any island of its size. Our bird names are intriguing:  We have Sad Fly Catchers, Streamer Tail Doctor birds -because their long tails resemble the tailcoats once worn by medical men – Chestnut Bellied Cuckoos, also known as Old Man Bird and the smaller Jamaican Lizard-Cuckoo known as Old Woman Bird because their extra-ordinary calls sound like grumbling senior citizens, Hopping Dicks, Auntie Katie, Big Tom Fool and the Duppy Bird to name a few.

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