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Birding TV in Jamaica

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Birding Adventures TVNikon’s Birding Adventures TV recently came to stay whilst filming Jamaica’s 28 endemics. It was fantastic to hear they thought Jamaica was a magical place for birding and that they particularly loved Jamaican food!

“From the 7,400 ft Blue Mountains, to the mangrove swamps of the south, to the arid scrub of the Hellshire Hills, to the wet limestone forests of the Cockpit Country, there is certainly no shortage of habitat variety. Besides a few elusive species, most of the birds are very easy to see and require minimal effort. Perhaps most surprising is the food. I’ve never eaten so well on a birding trip and delicacies like jerked pork, freshwater mussels and freshwater crayfish are not to be missed.”

We’d like to thank James Currie, Nikon’s BATV host who wrote such a wonderful review about us

“Hotel Mockingbird Hill is the ideal birder-friendly lodge. Located in the very best part of Jamaica, the hotel is situated close to many of the top birding sites and the grounds are home to Jamaican Owls and Black-billed Streamertails. With stunning vistas, 5-star meals and good birds, this place is paradise!”

Here are 4 of their latest Birding in Jamaica programmes for you to watch and get a flavour of what to expect twitching in Jamaica:


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