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Inspired Upcycling

Recycled glass flower vases


We love upcycling, it’s a term that perhaps didn’t formerly have this name in Jamaica, but it was very much the standard practice of our mothers and grandmothers.  They may not have had a glue gun but they still managed to make inspiring pieces from funky ideas that breathed new life into objects that would otherwise be discarded.

Small Things Count

Upcycling is just part of the sustainable tourism that Mockingbird Hill practices and which has seen us win 21 awards  for our environmental contribution, including Responsible Tourism’s international award for being the best hotel for the environment.

Environmentally friendly doesn’t just mean the adoption of a few solar panels, it is a way of life that includes finding a new life for things as small as the wine corks used by our restaurant.  Our team tries its hardest to ensure that even small things like these corks do not end up as a mountain in our local landfill thereby reducing our emissions and the impact of the less positive effects of tourism on our local community.

The Hotel Mockingbird Hill Upcycle Gallery

Original Lampshades

Made from viny and awashing machine drum

3 Ways to Upcycle Old Bottles

Turn into olive oil drizzlers, flower vases, lanterns and preserve and pickle jars

2 Ways to Upcycle Corks

Create a pinboard with an old door or make into plant holders with old freezer baskets


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