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Getting Around Jamaica

Airport Transfers

2014 excursions rates

We offer transfers from Kingston (our closest airport) and Montego Bay airports.

Taxi Transfer

US$ 170.00 for the approximately 2½ hour drive from Kingston for 1-2 persons and US$ 330.00 from Montego Bay, approximately 4½ hour’s drive. Transfers must be paid in advance along with full arrival details: airline, flight no., arrival time. Should the arrival change and we are not informed and the driver has already left for the airport, then the transfer must still be paid. Guests should then seek compensation from their airline or travel insurance.


Knutsford Express Luxury Coach Service

Depending on the time of their arrival guests can also take the  scheduled luxury coach service, the Knutsford Express from Montego Bay or Kingston to Port Antonio and we can then arrange to pick up them at the Errol Flynn Marina in Port Antonio. The cost for this transfer is currently US$ 26.00 per person one way from Montego Bay and US$ 17.50 from Kingston . Should their arrival time not fit in with the coach schedule guests can also choose to spend their first night either in Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, or Kingston and take the coach service the next morning. Tickets cannot be booked on the coach, they MUST be booked on-line in advance on the   Knutsford Express website.


Driving from Jamaica’s 2 International Airports to Port Antonio and Hotel Mocking Bird Hill

If you decide to rent a car, here are the directions to Port Antonio from both Kingston and Montego Bay along with an indication of the distances.

For a downloadable PDF of how to get to Mockingbird Hill from Kingston click here.

Kingston to Port Antonio (2-3 hours):
  • The easiest route is around the eastern coast of the island as you do not need to drive through the city. Just turn right at the second roundabout after the airport and you’re on your way. The drive will take about 3 hours.


  • Through Kingston and then through the hills, along the Wag-Water River, on the beautiful but very curvy “Junction Road”. This is the main road joining the south to the north and is the best road with the shortest driving time (2 – 2½ hours).


  • Through Kingston and over the Blue Mountains. The shortest distance, but the longest driving-time. This is a spectacular route along a narrow and winding road with breathtaking views. We don’t recommend it on your first day in Jamaica or in bad weather
Montego Bay to Port Antonio (4-4½ hours)
  • The drive along the coast is lovely but long. Make a day of it, stop on the way, see the sights, visit the Reggae Explosion at Island village in Ocho Rios, then have lunch at Toscanini’s at Harmony Hall, a couple of kilometres east of Ocho Rios.
Flights to Port Antonio

It is possible to charter a plane from Timair Tel.:876 952 2516 / Email: They have offices in Montego Bay and Negril and can fly guests to the local aerodrome near Port Antonio. For special clients wanting helicopter transfers there is Island Hopper Helicopters, 974 1285 (Ocho Rios) or Montego Bay 9521059/ email

Getting About During Your Stay

Contrary to common belief, it is quite safe to drive yourself around Jamaica. However, driving in Jamaica is a little adventurous, but if you take it easy you can have a lot of fun and meet wonderful Jamaicans along the way. If you are not intending to drive around the island we recommend using the local taxi services. Car rental in Jamaica is much more expensive than in the United States or Europe and for short distances it is probably more economical to utilize the local taxi services.

Jamaican Car Rental Companies

For the weary traveller you can request a car with a driver to drive you to Port Antonio after your long flight. We can make the arrangements for you; just give a day or two’s notice. Island Car Rentals is convenient because they give island wide coverage and will have the car ready for you at the airport.
Telephone: 876-929-4429

If you would like to have a car for a day or two while you are here:

Eastern Car Rentals
Address: 16 West Street, Port Antonio
Telephone: (876-993-4364)

Jamaican Taxis

There are 2 official types of taxis in Jamaica: Charter Taxis and Route Taxis.

Charter Taxis

Charter taxis are similar to taxis in most countries, they collect you from your location and take you to another location and you are the only passenger. These cabs are officially licensed and fully insured.

Route Taxis

Route taxis are collective taxis. These cars are licensed as public passenger vehicles and have red license plates. They are very cheap and any easy way to do short distances as long as you don’t mind sharing with others.

Robot Taxis

Robot taxis are also collective taxis and they have very  low fares. The problem with these taxis is that they are often not licensed as public passenger vehicles and are often not fully insured and are therefore not liable if there is an accident. We therefore do not recommend that you use these cabs. As a result of not being licensed as public passenger vehicles, they do not have red license plates. Jamaican taxis do not have meters so make sure you settle on the price of your trip before you set off.

To check on the cost of getting around Port Antonio and to nearby attractions click here.


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