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7-Acre Lush Gardens

The Perfect Escape from the Pressures of Today and the Best Place for Bird Watching

The bio-diverse garden attracts almost all of Jamaica’s 28 endemic birds and is listed in ‘Birds of the West Indies’ as one of the best places for bird watching in Jamaica.

At Mockingbird Hill we are not only delighted that we can offer an open-air sculpture park within our 7½ acres of lush tropical gardens but also that we have spared no effort in making it wonderfully bird friendly.

The terraced garden is a series of small gardens, each one beckoning you to new delights and surprises. Follow the meandering paths down to the lily filled pond. inviting you to explore habitats.

It’s a path of discovery, offering a new view and perspective around each bend. It is like a secret haven that has evolved over the years incorporating various rock outcroppings, old trees and forested hillsides providing a woodland retreat for the birds. The exotic planting with tropical plants offers a myriad of leaf shapes and colours along with a variety of Heliconias and Gingers, Birds of Paradise, Crotons, Hibiscus and Anthuriums to name a few.

Enjoy the visits of the different species of hummingbirds attracted by our nectar filled, brightly coloured garden. They love the Bottlebrush, the Poor Man’s Orchid and the Hibiscus. The big fig trees are home to the Jamaican Owl. We invite you to walk along the trails, view the sculptures, discover the nooks and crannies, sit by the pond then relax on a lounger, and enjoy the presence of bird song filling the fragrant air and the brightly coloured flashes from the birds’ tropical plumage.



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